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Are You Musical?

Illustrations: Part 1


L‘Allegro (The Cheerful, alternatively called The Italian Sunset) painted in 1845 by Thomas Cole after a trip to Italy. Born in Lancashire in 1801 he went to America, founding the Hudson River School.

Source: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, commons.wikimedia

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The Royal Theatre, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, sketched by F W Fairholt in 1821.


George Frideric Handel

George Frideric Handel as he was in 1733, seven years before he composed the music for As Steals The Morn. Painted by the limping Balthasar Denner of Hamburg, aided by his daughter.

Source: German Historical Museum, Berlin, commons wikimedia.

Handel caricature

A joke copperplate engraving of Handel aged sixty-nine by fan-painter, snuff-box painter, set-designer and activist on behalf of engravers Joseph Goupy.

He called it ‘The Charming Brute’. Handel had been rude to him but didn’t seem to mind the picture.

From a painting now in the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Cesare Beccaria

Cesare Beccaria in a memorial marble by Giuseppe Grandi of Milan carved in 1871.

There is a bronze of Beccaria as well in a town-square where the hangman of Milan’s house once stood.

Alas there is no send-up of him in earnest discussion at his coffee-house, comparable to the send-up of Handel at the organ (above).

The marble is in the Pinacoteca Brera, Milan, commons wikimedia.