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The Homophobe

Illustrations: 1st Essay

William IV

King William IV drawn in watercolour in 1837 by his favourite child, his daughter Sophia, who died in childbirth aged forty shortly after creating the picture.

Her father was ‘very much shaken and affected’ by her death.

Wikipedia, William IV/later reign and death. It is not known who owns the drawing today

Charles Dawrin

Watercolour caricature of Charles Darwin in his twenties, 7ft tall in his top-hat, standing on the deck of HMS Beagle surrounded by specimens and ‘Beagles’ – that is, sailors in the crew.

Wikipedia, Charles Darwin/fossil finds. Private collection. Thought to be by his shipmate Augustus Earle

Captain FitzRoy

Captain FitzRoy of the Beagle photographed in New Zealand in the 1840s.

Wikimedia, Robert FitzRoy

Silverback gorilla

A full-grown silverback male gorilla, roughly the size of Charles Darwin’s father.

Slave whipping

Public whipping of enslaved black man in Brazil, 1820-1824. Watercolour by Augustus Earle (1793-1838), later a shipboard companion of Charles Darwin on the Beagle.

The event was at Cathabouco, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It appears that a second slave (left) is to be beaten and a third slave (right) is apparently waiting with a different whip to inflict the next flogging.

Property of the National Library of Australia.

John & Mary Labouchere

A painting of John or Mary Louisa Labouchere has not been found, but this may be what they looked like.

Oil dated 1832 by Francois-Joseph Navez of Hainaut. Private collection.

Coat-of-arms George FitzClarence

Coat-of-arms of George FitzClarence (1794-1842), the eldest of William IV’s sons by Dorothea Jordan, born when the future king was Duke of Clarence.

FitzClarence is allowed the royal honours, but his mother’s ‘shame’ is advertised by a blue stripe called a ‘bend sinister’ or ‘baton’.

Modern representation (2018) by Robin S Taylor, Wikipedia, George FitzClarence, 1st Earl of Munster

Henrietta Hodson

An actress performing a ‘breeches role’.

Wikimedia, Henrietta Hodson, photo taken in 1873, property of the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Mrs Jordan

‘Mrs Jordan’, Dorothea Bland of Waterford, out of breeches, playing ‘Peggy a virtuous girl’ in David Garrick’s romantic comedy The Country Girl.

Apparently from memory by an unknown artist for the Dramatic Magazine in 1830.

Wikipedia, The Country Girl. Property of the National Library of Wales

Playbill 1790

Playbill of 1790 for an earlier production of The Country Girl in Southampton without Mrs Jordan.

Wikimedia, The Country Girl (detail)