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Essays on Henry Labouchere

I believe I have sufficient of interest for four essays on Labouchere:

  1. We Are Born – Labouchere’s arrival on earth as HMS Beagle prepares to go round the world.
  2. “I Won’t! I Won’t! I Won’t!” – Labouchere’s refusal to become an English gent.
  3. The Spy – his early years as a prototype James Bond on four continents.
  4. Destroyer Of Worlds – the truth about his Amendment in 1885.

In case I’m not given time to finish all the Essays, as is naturally possible, I’ll include in advance with the notes to the first essay the most vital of the deductions or guesses that I’ll make in all the essays about what on earth Labouchere thought he was doing.

John & Mary Louisa Labouchere

I haven’t yet found a painting of Henry Labouchere’s parents, but the wealthy Belgian couple portrayed here in 1832, he in black, his wife in blue, give an idea of how Mary Louisa Labouchere and John Peter Labouchere could have looked as newly-weds at the turn of the 1830s when attending a dinner at the home of fellow bankers.

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There are at least six factors behind the hatred and fear of homosexuals:

  1. The Jewish condemnation of male (temple) prostitutes in other religions/sects.
  2. The left-wing view that homosexuality is just a vice of the idle rich, not one infecting the workers.
  3. The hierarchical fear that homosexuality leads to contact on equal terms between people from different classes.
  4. The straight male view that men who are gay are acting like the (inferior) female sex, so are letting the (male) side down.
  5. Straight males fear that gay men may think about them in the way that they themselves think about women, i.e. as potential prey.
  6. Gay people can be exploited by ruling classes as a despised minority of inferior ‘others’, a group against which the masses can be rallied to distract them from genuine social and economic problems.

EJT January 2022