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Born in Sutton, Surrey in 1941, Andrew was a journalist from the 1960s through to the 1980s. He is a guide with Queer Tours of London when COVID-19 permits it.

Pictured are three books with which Andrew has been connected.

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Title Fight: The Battle for Gay News (Brilliance Books, 1983), which he co-authored with Gillian E Hanscombe, tells of the final days of the fortnightly newspaper Gay News (1972-2010), prosecuted for blasphemy by the British State in 1977.

Souvenirs of Sirmione (One Roof Press, 1988), with illustrations by David Shenton, is a tribute to his friend the activist Antony Grey in Antony’s 84th year.

Rainbow Planet is a booklet written for people who travelled to see the 2019 London Pride march and for any schools or colleges which wish to make use of it since.

Designed by London Pride volunteers Chris Pearce and Alexia Vasilarou and written by Andrew it was published by the co-chairs of “Pride in London”. Free to party-goers, it’s an explanation of the origins of “Pride” and “Pride marches” to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion.

Rainbow Planet may be read online here or bought inexpensively at Gay’s the Word bookshop in London’s Bloomsbury, with proceeds going to the bookshop.

It may be possible in a while to put Title Fight and Souvenirs here, but first there’ll have to be a conversation with friends who were involved in the making and publishing of the books - not least with Antony Grey’s partner and survivor Eric Thompson, for Souvenirs was a gift to them as a team.

Kings & Queens, or The General History of Love is a blog which grew out of an invitation to Andrew in early 2020 to do a lockdown zoom on queer monarchs. It’s becoming an alternative British history, beginning in the Persian Gulf with lions.

Are You Musical? is the beginning of a blog about Henry Labouchere MP, who promoted a law which caused the premature deaths of Oscar Wilde and Alan Turing.

It starts in 1740 with the first performance of Handel’s As Steals the Morn in front of a London audience dying of cold despite roaring fires.

Andrew & Stephen

Andrew has a partner, Stephen Clissold (left in the picture), who he met through a gay men’s reading group in 2006.

(Photo by Francisco Gomez de Villaboa for Attitude)

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The design and maintenance of this website has been a gift to Andrew by Alan, for which the author returns most heartfelt thanks.